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Top SEO trends for 2020

If you want customers to find your business online, then you need a calculated search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Without one, you might find it difficult (or impossible) for potential clients to find your business online.

Successful marketers know that Google changes its algorithms hundreds of times each year, affecting the SERP results in large and small ways on a regular basis. The fact is that SEO takes focus and effort to achieve (and maintain) rankings, and you may need an expert marketing agency to help you do it.

At Mynt Agency, we’ve learned a lot through both experience and research, including the top SEO trends in 2020. We’ve shared some of the most important SEO components for this year so that you can learn what you need to maintain your website’s ranking in 2020 and beyond.

Interesting SEO Trends for 2020

Once you have implemented the fundamental best practices, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest SEO trends. If you’re not careful, Google’s updates could cause your website’s ranking to fall without warning.

Marketing and SEO agencies make it their business to keep up with these trends so that your site’s online presence doesn’t suffer. That’s why a dedicated SEO budget is so crucial to modern digital marketing.

Some new and interesting trends for SEO in 2020 include:

  • Increased voice searches. Search Engine Land reports that voice was the number two way that people searched on mobile devices in 2019. It’s convenient for smartphone searchers who don’t have a full keyboard to type their queries. Using long-tail, specific keywords within your content can help your company rank higher on voice searches. By 2022, experts estimate that voice-based shopping could hit 40 billion dollars. Voice queries could bring significant traffic to your site and sales for your business if you implement voice strategies like long-tail keywords in your content.
  • Featured snippets continue to affect rankings. When someone Googles a question, the company chooses a featured snippet to pop up that its algorithms think contain the correct answer to their question. Searchers often find exactly what they need on the results page without clicking on another website. That means your website could rank on the first page but still lose traffic to users who only look at the snippet. If your site is featured in the snippet, there’s a better chance that visitors click through to your website.
  • Your Google My Business profile will play a huge role. If you don’t have a Google My Business profile already set up, you will need one to increase your online presence in 2020. It’s a free listing for your business that pinpoints your location on Google Map results as well. Keep it optimized and fresh by adding new images, encouraging clients to leave reviews, promoting new site content, and updating the services your company offers. Customers are more likely to choose a GMB profile with more information, images, and satisfied client reviews.
  • User-friendly sites succeed. If your page takes forever to load, your content is too complicated, or users can’t quickly find the information they need, then your site won’t seem user-friendly. If potential customers are frustrated by your site, they may leave your site quickly and flag the issue to Google.  Decreased traffic to the site or high bounce-rates will affect your rank.
  • Quality over quantity is vital when it comes to link-building. Link-building used to be the end-all and be-all of SEO, but no longer. The thought was: the more, the better no matter where they went. Google evolved its algorithm so that it now looks at the links you have and assigns importance to your site based on the authority of those links. If authoritative websites are linking out to you, it perceives those links as a mark in your favor. But if you have lots of links from sites without a high authority, then they won’t help your SEO results at all.
  • Long-form content is key. Remember, Google is not a person. Unlike customers who often read only the top portion of your page, Google reads every word of your site. If you don’t have content that proves you’re an expert in your industry, the algorithms won’t rank you highly. Posts of 1,500-2,000 words full of high-caliber, quality content are key to helping Google realize that you are indeed an expert in your own business. This content will need to answer the user’s question as well as any related topics, so make sure that you’ve completed sound research and know which long-form keywords to use within your content. More content also helps interested customers spend more time on your site while they read through the article. That helps your overall domain authority.
  • Your site needs to look good on the backend, too. If you have poor site design and structure, that can hurt your SEO. Your specialist can ensure that the backend of your site is up to 2020 standards. This involves optimizing images on the page to reduce load time as well as using solid coding structure for the pages, menus, and all other aspects of your site.
  • Video is here to stay. According to HubSpot, video was the number one digital media in 2019. That’s because customers want it. As much as 54 percent of consumers want to see more video content from companies. Your site can capitalize on this opportunity by creating and uploading videos to YouTube and then embedding them in your site. YouTube is the second largest search engine, so your videos can be optimized too, increasing your overall internet presence. A good marketing agency, like Mynt, can help you produce video ads that sell your product or service and boost your SEO.
  • Use an influencer to help with your marketing. In 2019, about 17 percent of businesses allocated more than half of their entire marketing budget to pay for online influencers to vouch for their products. This year, media prognosticators expect that two-thirds of those budgets will increase, according to a 2019 study by Mediakix. While these ads aren’t SEO, they work with your SEO to create more website traffic, boost your online presence and visibility, and helps your content reach more people.
  • Optimize your site for mobile users. Mobile web traffic only continues to increase, and if your site is not mobile-friendly, you will be hard-pressed to rank in those search results. As of July 2019, Google organized its search results to show mobile-first indexing in order to improve the overall mobile experience. About 40 percent of transactions occur on mobile, reflecting more convenient online payment methods through Apple Pay, PayPal, and other apps. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, then you’re missing out on those potential visits and sales.
  • If you sell online, you need to optimize for Amazon. Amazon has one central value to online retailers: someone who searches for a product on Amazon intends to buy. If you don’t list your product on Amazon, you’re losing sales to competitors. According to Sellics, more than two-thirds of online shoppers begin their search at the online giant. Just like Google, Amazon’s algorithms change often. An SEO agency well-versed in the site and proper keywords to use for your product will optimize your listings for Prime search results.


Why Your Website Needs Search Engine Optimization Experts

You might want to think twice before trying to implement these strategies on your own. An SEO error can easily upset the delicate balance of content, keywords, and structure that Google expects and destroy your web presence. You’ll find expert SEO advice invaluable for both your ranking and your other business goals.

Inexperienced DIY web developers sometimes unknowingly hire black-hat SEO firms who use tactics like recruiting unreputable backlinks. These unscrupulous companies advertise that their service works quickly, and it does. But Google will eventually notice the dishonesty and penalize your site as a consequence. It takes a long time to recover, and you may see declines in both traffic and sales before you do.

A true SEO expert will increase your ranking over time with white-hat SEO practices. A suite of techniques including updating your NAP citations, assessing keyword density, researching your competitors’ websites to find keyword gaps, and more, will build your credibility and boost you up Google’s front page. Eventually, your SEO will bring in strong, organic leads, and, ultimately, a significant return on your investment.

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