Our Story

Mynt agency is the realization of the business and advertising journeys of many colleagues, partners, and friends. With its roots in the 1990s television and radio scene, the genesis of an ad agency that exists to maximize its clients ROI by not tying up ad budgets in high fees and superfluous expenses, took hold.

Over 30 years later, we are the global agency of record for many of the top brands in the world across most traditional and digital marketing channels.

Still, we have not lost focus on the core pillar of our growth and success: deliver value to our customers at every step of the journey through radical honesty, data focused optimizations, and sheer grit.

Mynt agency partners
reputation goes a long way 

World class clients demand world class service 

As we've done with hundreds of clients along the way, mynt agency is committed to earning your business and trust by consistently delivering wins and exceeding your KPIs

1M+ tv and radio ads placed
960 campaigns executed and delivered
100+ client accounts
2b in revenue generated

boutique service at scale

With offices distributed across the United States, our team is uniquely positioned and ready to execute local, regional, national, or global ad campaigns with your company.

COVID-19 Update: While we are normally excited for face-to-face strategy sessions, our team is currently working remotely and limiting client interactions to phone calls, video calls, and screen shares.

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the mynt agency ethos:

Be valuable. Be honest. Be humble.

Take calculated, bold, justifiable action.

Understand the mission. Own successes and failures.

Execute and win.

Our team members are agile, tenacious, and resolute.

Remnant advertising agency
Remnant advertising agency

Our team is disruptive

In order to set industry trends, we surround ourselves with trailblazers. We are unapologetically extra.

Our team is invested

Invested in the culture, mindset, and pursuit of the mission. We are invested in building and growing business like yours.

Our team is fearless

The pursuit of greatness is not for the fainthearted. Our experience and resources allow us to lead without fear.

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Are your campaigns losing money? we’d be happy to help.

How many customers are you losing by having a disjointed, poorly executed marketing strategy? Are you overpaying for your media and wrapped up in high agency fees?