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Our arsenal of tools and tactics are curated to deliver explosive growth to your company

Mynt Agency Takes Campaigns from Concepts to Conversions

Mynt Agency forges a path as you navigate the complex landscape of marketing and advertising. We are a full service agency specializing in traditional mass media, paid digital marketing, and creative design. Connect with an account executive today to discuss our specialities and how we can partner with your company for explosive growth.


fully integrated end-to-end digital marketing solutions

to thrive in your competitive landscape, it is imperative that you guide your potential customer on their road from research to purchase. effective digital marketing allows for multiple high-value touchpoints along that journey.

Google Ads + Microsoft Ads

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising builds a bridge between businesses and potential customers.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serves to optimize your web content to signal to the search engines that your website returns a good match for the searcher's query.

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Retargeting focuses on potential customers who are currently in market for your products or services.

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Paid Social Media

Amplify social conversations, build brand awareness, and sell your products and services with a robust paid social media strategy.

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Programmatic Digital

buy digital advertising automatically using data to decide which ads to buy, how much to pay for them, and a targeting audience to show those ads to.

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Mynt Agency wasn’t afraid to talk about the conversion metrics that really matter. From day 1, mynt was thorough, transparent, and had a work ethic that rivaled anyone I’ve ever partnered with.

Lorie Y Biscayne Bank

huge reach with local, regional, or national mass media flights

use traditional media to improve brand reinforcement, drive measurable direct response, increase total sales, and decrease cost-per-action

Television Advertising

Explode your growth by expanding your reach, lowering your cost to acquire, increasing your conversion rates, and fueling on- and off-line sales.

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Connected TV

also called streaming tv and over-the-top tv, connected tv enables advanced targeting and tracking capabilities.

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Direct Response Advertising

The key differentiating factor of Direct Response (DR) advertising is that it provides the mechanisms to garner an immediate and timely response.

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radio advertising

Radio marketing is a staple channel for brands looking to supercharge their presence. Work with all ownerships, including Sirius XM.

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We’re Ready For A Challenge

Do you have a brand or business you’re looking to grow? Schedule a strategy session with our team today.

03Creative & Strategy

award-winning ad campaigns with sales-focused intent

our media strategy and creative teams provide the best of both worlds: stunning, remarkable ad copy that lives to drive response and sales.

Video Production

From storyboard to post-production, our team executes creative strategy at the highest level.

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Media Buying

For over 30 years, we have been buying media on a local, regional, and national footprint.

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Ad Agency

As the Agency of Record for some of the world's largest brands, mynt has the expertise to move your company forward

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Are your campaigns losing money? we’d be happy to help.

How many customers are you losing by having a disjointed, poorly executed marketing strategy? Are you overpaying for your media and wrapped up in high agency fees?